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CADS is looking for enthusiastic persons with disabilities who seek to take part in our exciting adaptive skiing and snowboarding lessons. We welcome participants of all skill levels and use adaptive equipment and strategies to encourage fun, progression, and skill development, so you leave the mountain enjoying the slopes as much as we do!

Lessons take place on Sunday evenings from 7-9 PM at Canadian Olympic Park, from January through March.

Our ultimate goal is to help participants become proficient enough to ski or board with family or friends on their own time.

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Find The Group For You

CADS is designed to facilitate the joys of skiing and snowboarding for individuals with a wide variety of challenges, from the ages of 7 to adults of any age. After an introductory meeting, CADS participants are placed in the appropriate group and paired with a compatible instructor in order to maximize their experience.

Developmentally Delayed: Appropriate for participants with Downs Syndrome and other cognitive delays. Skiing and snowboarding concepts and skills are broken into small segments for repetition, which is helpful for those with decreased abilities to learn or retain old and new skills.

Learning Disabled: Ideal for able-bodied participants who have learning or behavioural difficulties that affect their ability to learn new skills or attend to instruction. This includes: ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Dyslexia, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Persuasive Defiant Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, FASD and other cognitive conditions.

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Sitski Participate with CADS Calgary

Visually Impaired: Legal blindness, color blindness, tunnel vision, night blindness or lack of visual acuity.

Hearing Impaired: Lessons are taught with special awareness to hearing loss for those living with total or partially reduced hearing capabilities.

3-Track & 4-Track: Designed for participants with single above knee or below knee amputations, with or without a prosthesis, students with double below knee amputations with prosthesis or students affected by Polio or Cerebral Palsy who require braces.

Sit-Ski: Participants affected by paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia) are equipped with a sit-ski and tethered from behind. The apparatus consists of a molded seat over a ski or combination of fixed skis underneath and/or handheld outriggers.

What Participants Are Saying

5 years ago I didn't even know what skiing was, Now, Look where we are. It has opened up such another world for me, it gives me the freedom to do things i typically wouldn't have been able to do without you guys.  I have a classmate at school who says they dont like skiing, that they find it boring and I just cant wrap my head around that. Skiing has given me so many more opportunities than I could have ever have imagined. Its given me good and bad experiences... ( but mostly good) but we learn from those bad experiences. we learn where we went wrong and learn how to fix those issues. there is always something to be working on.

I cannot say enough good things about CADS and everything you and everyone else there do for us. It is so greatly appreciated. I have such a great and wonderful coach ( Ted ).  He ( and everyone else over the years) have taught me so much and 5 years ago i would have NEVER imagined myself being where I am today.

Working with everyone there has been absolutely life changing and i cannot thank you all enough for it.  You guys have taught me so much and its amazing. I look forward to coming back year round ever year.

Thank you for everything!!!

Curtis R


This is Gabriel, I am 13 years old and have participated in the CADS program for 3 years and would like to continue this year as well. Cads has made a tremendous difference in my life by helping me with my hand/eye coordination. I am getting much better at doing this however, I still need to work on this. I love skiing and look forward to it every year, it has given me greater confidence in all aspects.  I am learning to ask for help when I need it.  I am learning better technique and really love the sport.

Without CADS and the wonderful volunteers skiing would not be possible for me.  I have had some amazing volunteers and I have always had great experiences.  I am thankful for everything that all of you do for me. I have learned to push myself to be a better athlete.

Skiing has always been a large part of my year because I am able to get out of the house more. Skiing has had such an impact on me, I am starting to love the cold and snow just because that mean better skiing conditions. I loved skiing so much that the only way that I would miss it is if I was puking and unable to move.

To me skiing is a Canadian tradition and it honors me that I am able to be a part of it. Every night that skiing happens I am always happy to go out even if it is freezing cold no matter what I will enjoy skiing.

Gabriel P

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Fee Schedule

CADS Calgary is able to provide lessons at a significantly reduced rate, thanks to generous donations, sponsorships and fundraising efforts that offset the actual program costs. Equipment rental fees are set by Winsport Canada Olympic Park and we greatly appreciate the reduced rate at which they are provided to us.
Membership (CADSCal) $50.00
Lesson Fee $400.00
Equipment Rental - Quad/Mono/Bi-ski $75.00 (all ages)
Equipment Rental – Skis/Snowboard $50.00
Equipment Rental – Outriggers $50.00
Helmet Rental $48.00
Mountain Ski Club $450.00
Participant fees subject to change on year to year basis.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We are using a new online registration system this year called Snowline.  Please read the following carefully.

  • Students will be able to request their choice of programs Starting November 1st.
  • This is an application to register, not a confirmation of a spot.  Payment will be requested when the Supervisors confirm volunteers and equipment.
  • Please log into your profile if returning or set up a profile if you are applying to be a new student
  • Be sure to complete all forms and waivers and enter all your information
  • If a section is not completed it will not have a check mark and will be still red and noted incomplete
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